About Us

Adekunle began writing for the Insurance Pro Blog in 2011 with the intention of removing some of the mystery surrounding the life insurance industry. Adekunle, who is a licenced insurance agent, wanted to use his experience to use The Insurance Pro Blog as a resource to discuss the many applications of life insurance beyond just an introductory conversation. He did this by going beyond the typical scope of the blog.

Adekunle focuses his professional efforts on the implementation of life insurance policies that are structured to maximise the accumulation of cash surrender value for the purpose of utilising that cash as a low-risk investment asset. Adekunle, who is now widely considered to be the subject area’s preeminent acknowledged expert, provides consulting services on a regular basis to individuals, businesses, and other insurance professionals regarding the topic of life insurance.

Adekunle was born in Northern New England, but he now considers Vermont to be his permanent home. He received his education at Syracuse University and is presently enrolled in the matriculated student programme at the American College of Financial Services.

Adekunle spends a lot of his spare time being extremely active. He is a passionate cyclist, and he enjoys mapping out routes for hikes that take him up various mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire.