Information and Communication Technology Company Vatebra Limited, in collaboration with the West African Examinations Council Nigeria, has awarded cash prizes to the best schools and candidates for the 2020 West African High School Certificate Examination.

The awards were presented at the 59th Annual Meeting of the Nigerian National Committee in Ibadan.

Best School Ayebode High School, Ayebode, Ekiti State is the winner of the WAEC / VATEBRA Merit Award for the best public high school science (chemistry, biology and physics) in Nigeria with a cash prize of N1.5m.

Community High School, Abaja, Owerri, Imo State, was the best public high school in all subjects in Nigeria and won a N2.5m cash prize.

Okori Nkichiere, Federal College of Technical High School, Lagos State, Akoka, Lagos State, was awarded the WAEC / VATEBRA Award for Best Female Candidate in all subjects at the public high schools, and was awarded N500,000 while in Adeso. Oyo State Iana Ofa Air Force General School Iounde won the WAEC / VATEBRA Merit Award for Best Male Candidate in all subjects and received N500,000 cash prize.

“One of the key requirements for the winners of the WAEC / VATEBRA Award is to be proficient and flawless, knowing that this driving principle is unique, The organizational value of excellence.

Patrick Aregan, head of the National Secretariat of the West African Examinations Council, on the other hand, gave a brief overview of the award and the achievements of the previous examinations.

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