The House of Representatives has ordered an investigation into the restoration and expansion of Edo State, which connects Lokojan to Benin, which cost N200bn.

Councilor Johnson Oguma on Thursday called for an investigation into the project’s slow pace.

Asked about the need for more than N200 billion to be used in the construction of the Lokoja-Benin road, Oguma said the Lokoja-Benin Federal Highway from Obaja to Benin, the road from Obaja to the junction to Benin, was awarded in 1999 to a contractor. Deadline December 2021.

The legislator said: “From 1999 to 2021, more than N200bn was budgeted for various loan and intervention projects such as Sukuk and others. It is a major highway connecting north to east, south-south and western parts of Nigeria.

“The council is saddened that Lokoja-Benin is now a death trap and that the three-hour trip is now a full day and sometimes impassable,” he said.

The council approved the resolution and instructed the Labor and Finance Committees to review the progress of work on the Federal Highway in Lokoja-Benin and report back within four weeks.

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