Nigeria’s top advocate, Femi Falana (SAN), has given reasons why Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu could not rule out a Justice Panel report on police brutality.

In a speech to some leaders during a visit to Lagos by Human Rights Watch on Thursday, Fellana said: Police are investigating the allegations.

“When the commission completed its work last week, it submitted a written report in writing in accordance with Section 15 (1) of the Act, which states:

“The governor then set up a four-member cabinet committee headed by the state attorney general and commissioner of justice, Mr Moyosore Onigbangjo (SAN) to advise on the government’s position.

“We do not know whether the commission’s report was rejected by the Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammed, and whether some anti-democratic forces pressured the White House to cancel the ruling.

Critics were unaware that there was no provision for a white paper in accordance with the law.

The White Paper stated that it was an ordinary administrative media outlet to convey its decision or position on a government administration or justice report.

He added: “The White Paper Committee is not recognized by law and its members are not authorized to amend, amend, amend, correct or oppose the Commission’s report. Moreover, members of the White Paper Committee did not have the opportunity to obtain evidence from witnesses who testified before the Commission.

“In light of the letter and spirit of the Inquisition Court, the federal government has been found to have no legal authority to reject the Lagos State Inquiry Team’s report.

“Once a white paper is proposed by the governor, the institutions and individuals charged by the commission can go to the Supreme Court to challenge any aspect of the report.”

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