Canada International Trade, Investment and Development Conference, Private Sector Initiative, has unveiled plans for the CICTID 2022 Investment Conference in Canada.

According to CICTID Chairman Wale Adesania, the program will be held in Toronto, Ontario, North America.

He said the conference will focus on sustainable economic cooperation and investment in the post-epidemic world.

According to him, the purpose of the summit is to explore opportunities to expand and improve the competitiveness of developing countries in the areas of trade, investment and development.

“The initiative of the private sector is to help overcome the post-epidemic global economic climate problems and enter the volatile world economy,” Adesanya added.

In addition, the Vice President of CCIDI, the Apostle Cornelius Balola, described the conference as a multi-stakeholder forum that provides an opportunity for participants to partner countries and private companies involved in development.

“CICTID is a multi-stakeholder forum that includes not only African countries but also international organizations, partner countries, private companies and development civil society organizations,” he said.

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