Super TV CEO Michael Ataga, who was killed two days after the victim’s body was found, said a laptop had been sold to Chidinma Ojukwu for N495,000.

The University of Lagos has been charged with the murder of a 300-year-old media student, Chidinma Atagan.

The first graduate and two others, Adedapo Quadri and Chiyoma Igbuchu, were arraigned before Lagos State High Court Judge Yetunde Adesania at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos State.

At Thursday’s hearing, Olowu, the third prosecutor, testified in favor of Lagos State Prosecutor Yusuf Sule.

He says he has been selling phones, laptops and accessories at Computer Villa Ikea and has been in the business for five years.

According to him, Chidinma, after selling the laptop and viewing it on social media, immediately confirmed that all your documents were valid.

A.D. The witness stated that he was a customer of Chidinma, who bought his phone on April 30, 2021 and sold his laptop on June 18, 2021 at the same office.

“On June 18, Chidinma sold me a MacBook Pro laptop for N495,000 after negotiation and market price comparisons. To make a sale, you need to submit some documents and fill out a form with your government ID card, driver’s license, passport, voter card and national identification number.

“You also need to fill out a form with email, phone number, home address and full name.

This is what we do to find a customer in any case.

“I asked Chidima to open the laptop and she did. So, I made an internal observation that included speed performance, battery count, and general functions.

“Then you say, ‘Do you have a receipt for this laptop?’ I asked. She says her boyfriend is a gift and she has two laptops and she has to sell one to pay the bills.

“I checked my market review online. I have verified the price of the laptop. It was $ 1,000 to $ 1,200. The current exchange rate was between $ 400 and $ 450, and she wanted to sell it for N600,000. We were able to negotiate the N495,000 I started from my UBA account to my sterling bank account.

When Chidinma was asked to prepare a receipt for her laptop, Olowu said she could not give the receipt, saying it was a gift from her boyfriend.

“We saw her face on social media about the murder after the laptop was sold,” the prosecutor’s witness added. A few days later, Punta State Police Chief Olutayo Abayomin was summoned.

“When I arrived at the police station on June 18, I discovered that it was connected to a laptop we had bought from Chidinma.

“We both explained how the laptop came to be and how we bought it.

“We have handed over the documents to the police of the previous owner, which includes a copy of the ballot paper, a copy of our form and all the information already in the laptop.”

“There is no way to find out if your phone or laptop has been stolen.”

Chiddinma’s lawyer, Onuka Egbu, said in a statement that he had not seen any documents, receipts or proof of ownership that the laptop was not the first defendant in the case.

Judge Adesanya adjourned the case to November 29.

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