Basil Igdiken, chairman of the Progressive Congress of Anambara State, was suspended.

Okonkwo Okom, the party’s stakeholder, announced the ban in a press conference in Awka, the capital of the state of Abera, on Thursday.

He said he had been suspended for refusing to convene the party’s regional convention to address urgent and urgent issues despite party demands.

At least two-thirds of the members of the regional executive committee and at least two-thirds of the 21 local government chairmen convened under the direction of the 326 ward chairmen. In the region, IgDK has decided to suspend him.

The press release reads in part:

“The party’s top official in the state has been instructed to convene an emergency meeting of the state executive committee in consultation with party leader Dr Chris Ngige in the state within 14 days to strengthen and reform the All Progressives Congress and move the party forward in Anbara state.

“Mr. Basil will lead the party disciplinary committee in accordance with the provisions of the APC Constitution in response to allegations of abuse of power and office, misappropriation and transfer of party property. And allegations of violations of the Constitution of the Party, the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces and disobedience and disrespect, embezzlement and misappropriation of party funds and other charges.

“These resolutions shall be submitted immediately to the National Guardianship and the informal convention planning committee as required by the party constitution.

In response, IgDK stated that it was ridiculous.

“These people are not members of our party. They are apostates who left the party after our investigation in June. You can not block me.

“I am speaking to you at the National Secretariat of our party in Abuja. Their comments are ridiculous. What is the position of the person who called me to the meeting? They are trying to see if they can create a crisis in our party; That is all they need.

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