The governor of Nassarawa state, Abdullahi Suleiman, said he had only agreed on the date of the All Progressives Congress (NC) National Conference.

Sule spoke on Wednesday about the current affairs of our channel from Abuja on Politics Today.

“The president agrees in February. Therefore, the convention is sure to be February and possibly the right month. Chairman of our party and APP It is a report that we have received from the authorities. ”

President Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Red) on Monday, February 2022, approved the party’s national convention.

When asked about the demarcation of the NWC offices, the Sule rulers had not yet discussed, the first idea being to determine the date of the convention.

Asked if the APC is considering candidates for the NWC deal, Sule said, “The APC is not a PDP. We can’t just copy what the TPLF does. We will sit down as a party and look at what is best for the country and the party, ”he said.

The governor, however, said Nigerians had a general feeling that the presidency and the presidency would rotate from north to south and south to north. “But there is nothing official about the establishment,” he said.

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