At least nine people have been killed in an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the Nidigu Amagu community in Ebony State.

Recall that social media reports recently claimed that 65 people had died of the virus.

However, ICO LGA Chairman Ugo and Utolor, Senior Assistant to ICT, Media and Documentation, confirmed that 18 cases had been reported and that nine people had died.

According to the statement, “In early November, there were reports of gastrointestinal disease in Nidigu Amagu. The Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, the Regional Primary Health Development Agency, and the Eco Local Government Council have been notified.

“These bodies were sent to the area by paramedics, who took samples and sent them to the laboratory. All tests were negative for cholera.

The death toll today is 25/11/2021 and 18 cases have been registered. More than 10 patients have been treated and displaced.

“However, in addition to the medical supplies provided by the Eco-local government, the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health have released funds for the purchase of medicines, solutions for dehydration, water purifiers and other medicines.

“The health team has distributed these items there and is still going there for a laboratory test to take another sample.

“Emotional reports on social media will not help anyone to aggravate the situation on the ground. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a fund for the authorities, and health professionals are moving to the affected area to continue their intervention.”

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