The Lagos State government has said it has developed an electricity policy and strategic framework for sustainable and sustainable electricity supply development.

Lagos State Minister of Energy and Minerals Hafiz Momoh made the announcement at a two-day Nordic-Nigeria Communication Conference in Lagos.

Momoh said the electricity policy will encourage investment and improve the living conditions of all Lagos residents.

“A key part of this administration’s agenda to make Lagos a 21st century economy is to grow key sectors in the state only when reliable electricity is available.

“Power supply is currently the only major infrastructure and development challenge in the state because Lagos is entirely dependent on the Nigerian national grid for electricity supply like any other part of the country,” he said.

He said the region could reap local and economic benefits if sufficient access is made and green energy supply is increased.

He also said that various problems, including waste management, need to be addressed in order to make Lagos a smart city.

Speaking on the promotion of smart cities and green energy, he said attention should be paid to the incineration of Ademokun, which causes incineration and incessant flooding.

“Lafarge Africa is partnering with other industries to provide zero waste in the future.

“We spend a lot of money on energy and at the end of the day we can replace most of our energy needs with industrial, agricultural and municipal waste.

“Cement kilns are a resource for waste disposal and green energy.

“We need to be able to invest in this green energy, which is called pre-processing in our industry,” he said.

“Once the waste issue is addressed, it will not only lead to a clean city, but also to new jobs,” he said, adding that the government’s GDP would be equal.

During the panel discussion on Green Energy, project developer, Scatec Solar, Mr. Julien Peter, said the Nigerian market is attractive.

According to him, Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and the same should be true of renewable energy.

“Nordic companies will continue to come up with innovative solutions to make energy products more effective for Nigerians,” Peter said.

Also, General Manager, Business Support Team, Ondo Pure Energy, Mr. Demollo Ogunbanjo, Lagos State have the opportunity to access renewable energy sources to meet its energy needs.

According to him, demand is greater than supply.

He said there were issues of policy and infrastructure that did not diminish the potential for renewable energy.

“Investment in this area will continue to be important and it will be better for most of us when we can participate in renewable energy.”

“There must be new businesses built on renewable energy sources.

“If we work closely with the government and spend some unnecessary money, we will be able to implement renewable energy projects,” Ogubanjo said.



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