Four traditional rulers marched on Thursday in the Elegmeje local government area of ​​Ekki State, protesting against the federal and state governments’ refusal to provide infrastructure in the council office in Eda Onio.

Two years ago, after the headquarters of the council was moved from Yee Ekti to Eda Onio, the traditional rulers were saddened by the suffering of the workers.

He urged the federal and state governments to address the issue.

The inscriptions on the billboards include “Eda Onio should be treated better at the Elemjeje Council Headquarters”, “Agreeable LG Secretariat”, “There is no government in Ida-Onio”, “We need a permanent LG Secretariat” and others.

The kings who started the protest were the chairman of the Elejmeje Council of Local Governments and the Eu Ile Elow Oba Bamidele Adetutu-Ajay; King Julius Aulola, Creator of Eternal Life; Ijeshamodu Onjesha, Oba Aderemi Daramola; And Opere-Ekiti Onipere, Oba Omiyale Olofemi.

“The Supreme Court has ordered the transfer of the Secretariat of the Council to Eda Onio on December 14, 2018;

But to this day nothing on earth exists. No structure, no building except the staff. The accommodation provided by the host community Eda Onio cannot accommodate all staff. They are working under trees that should not be clean workers.

The king continued: “Elejameje is one of the 774 local governments recognized by the Federal Government newspaper. Passers-by will not see any indication that we have a local government headquarters.

“Please, we sincerely urge the ECK State Government to assist us and consider the problems of the Council staff. We need infrastructure to show that the local government headquarters is a reality in Eda Onio Eki.

He said nothing had been done by the government so far.

The emperor said, “We have written more than six letters to the regional government and so far there has been no response. I even made three appointments with the governor, but to this day he does not answer.

Asked why the relocation of the headquarters to Eda Onio was not completed, National President Ida Onio Progressive Union Dr. Rufus Ajay moved the remaining offices and government structures to the Eda Onio Legislative Assembly without any delay. .

“The lack of resources in the office is putting pressure on effective service delivery,” he said. Governor Faemi is aware of the situation in Eljamej. To this end, we have provided a note to build the Secretariat. We are waiting for the approval of the regional government, ”he said.

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