Residents of Gateway Zone Estate in Magodo GRA, Lagos State, have lamented the ongoing attacks on their property by land grabbers suspected of constructing houses on the cliff behind the property.

PUNCH Metro He recently reported that at least 30 land grabbers stormed the property with bulldozers and demolished the fence, creating a gateway to build residential buildings on the cliff.

Residents complained that the land grabbing was supported by the Lagos State Council, in accordance with a directive issued by the regional government, saying it was illegal to build on the cliff.

Residents reported the incident to Isherri Police Station, who used their vehicles to prevent the bulldozer from leaving the compound and damaged the operator’s property.

When the residents handed over the suspect to the police, other accomplices fled.

The Lagos State Police Command was about to sue the operator over a bulldozer when he received a signal to refer the matter to the Zone 2 Police Commander.

Residents who responded to the development staged a peaceful protest on Wednesday, complaining that the regional government had been neglected.

Residents carried placards expressing their grievances.

Speaking to reporters, the chairman of the estate, Ayo Fasusuga, said that a legal document has been obtained from the Addis Ababa City Development Authority to demarcate the territory.

“Recently, when the residents woke up, we saw that a bulldozer had entered because we were part of the construction, and within minutes our fence had been torn down. That action angered us.

“There is only one entrance in and out of this state. In the past, the codex invaded our property to attack us. I was once a victim; my family was attacked and the robbers took my car and property a few years ago.

“With that in mind, we contacted the NTDA that we were ready to fix it if the government did not fix the perimeter fence. We were given a letter to fix the fence, and we made it along the way. All of this is due to the efforts of the residents.

But the looters pretended to be bringing a tractor for the construction of the property, tricked our guards into entering the territory and threw us into the fence. This means that we are exposed to the dangers we are fleeing.

Fassugba, who lacks the support of the regional government, said the looters were backed by the Lagos State Council.

We have written letters to various government agencies but we are not getting enough support. Even in the office of the Commissioner of Police in Ikeja, he said the Lagos State Council had documents to build a road through this area.

“As far as we know, the council is not responsible for approving roads. So we expect more support from the executive. “We want the government to make a statement,” he said.

One of the protesters, Gibega Shodeinde, urged the regional government to help the residents.

“We are calling on the government to proceed with the talks with the permission of the NDA and the land office and to stop discriminatory buildings and activities around this zone,” he said.

Another resident, Hannah Oybanjo, said: “We have lived in peace and harmony since the beginning of the rape.

The impact on women and children in this community in particular is negative. We believe that the governor of the state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is standing by us. We want him to help us.

According to Tunde Balogan, a member of the Ojoko family who owns the wetlands, the family has received government approval for the project.

“The whole place belongs to Ojoko; the government has collected the land from us and given it to the people living here,” he added.

Regarding the collapsed fence and the building on the cliff, Balogan said, “This is an extension of the land, but we were planning to rebuild it when the erosion damaged the road. But they were the ones who blocked the way.

“This is our land; it has been sold.

“There is government approval; I can’t say more. But you have collected documents to block this place; I do not believe.”

Asked if the government knew it was illegal to build on wet land, he said: “I do not know.”

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