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Today, Thursday, November 25, 2021, the funeral of our friend Dr. Chick John Aquinili, KSG, KSS, Agalanze Agulu, is being held in his hometown.

Writing these words represents a very unpleasant experience for me, like the sand in my mouth, especially since I can not convey it in person. I wanted the opportunity to hold my beloved children, our children in my arms and comfort them as they mourn the loss of their loved ones and give their bodies to Mother Earth.

As we recall our literary struggle 55 years ago, Thomas Hardy’s The Singers’ Masters echoed the funeral procession in a dramatic way.

Like other members of our exciting team, we have closely identified each other in our lives, our careers, our marriages, the birth of children, their graduation from high school, and other major developments. In their lives.

Choice of Czech medical profession has made the lives of many at least vulnerable to their health. His famous hospital, St. Leo, was the geographical location of the Trans-Ecule in Ango, just like his name, Nkasi Obi Nidi No Na’ufu, a Catholic hospital. Absolutely submissive here!

This has been witnessed by individuals, civic and religious groups, the well-known CIC, the Inugu Alumni Association, Catholic bishops, countless priests, monks, and others of our College of Faith. The rest is our neighbor’s Biggar Memorial Seminary Faculty.

At Chike Inugu Branch, where he was the president of the Old Children’s Association of Innocent Concepts College, his influence exerted a remarkable level of infrastructure in the eyes of our dear students. The government of the Ingu state and beyond. This is a clear indication of what good leadership can do. Lagos, Abuja, Atlanta, New York and others joyfully marched home, checking their books. The rest, as they say, is history. We are still talking about the results of these efforts on campus.

Son of Ogui Enugu, I arrived at CIC Enugu in January 1962. Chike himself grew up in Ogbete, a coal camp, one of the other 71 people in my two streams. We can be proud that there is no such thing as a collaborative effort in the history of the school. This finally ended the year. Chick was in Class 5a. He kept the 1st grade that everyone wanted the most. . And, as we all know, he did. The prizes and prizes they collect in large numbers speak for themselves. At that point, Chick clearly fought the good fight and broadcast it in Nigerian.

As we pursued our own efforts, our paths were intertwined, we constantly sought mutual benefit. One thing I can confirm is Chike’s ability to solve problems and, as our people say, “Enjoy life!” Every time I moved to Lagos, I was sure I had a ball in the company. I have a selfish tendency to be unpopular with others. Our CIC Enugu family focused on his open and welcoming attitude and direction. His death is a great disarmament for all of us. All of the school’s principals over the past five decades have testified to this.

It is our hope and prayer that all who are gathered here today will be able to fight the despairing political and security crisis on our planet and fight against the proud legacy of the man we are staring at today. Although his death was painful, Chike would not have died in vain if we had a sacred duty to protect the future of our grandchildren. At a time when Nigbo is surrounded by self-doubt and many threats to its very existence, we should not use it to spread false information and create divisions.

Thanks to the soul of Chike Akunili for God’s merciful embrace. Give comfort and encouragement to all Akunili family, relatives, in-laws, in-laws and friends who are grieving over this loss.

May Chike’s soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

The material and system engineer is a resident of the United States.

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