Nolwood star Yomi Faby on Wednesday mourned the death of veteran actor Babatunde Omidina, the famous Buba Suein.

Proved to him Instagram Fabio said he had never heard of anyone who tortured the deceased to attend Baba Sue’s funeral.

The actor died on Monday at his home in Ikorodu, Lagos State. He was 63 years old.

Adebowale, the son of the late Baba Suwe, did not recover from his father’s abuse at the National Drug Enforcement Agency on Tuesday, 2011, and this turned out to be a lie. .

Frustrated by the counselor, Fabio said, “I really don’t want to this time, but God knows. I shouted, I spoke but they tried to silence me and hurt me for speaking. They envy everything, including voices fighting against injustice. They use social media to silence the voice of reason.

“Those of us who have caused and supported the pain, the torture inflicted on you, Baba Suwe, are cursed because they have the tools of public service and have never known peace.

“Although justice is sold in the land, their generation will not be spared such wickedness and injustice.

Torture or the use of excessive force is the worst thing that can happen to a human being. Serious human rights violations.

“How do you prosecute and punish someone at the police station?

“We must understand that only Nigerians who can think of the future can save this country. The reason we are not moving forward is the idea of ​​’this is Nigeria’.

“They have always relied on the ideas and ideas that led many innocent people to be crucified and persecuted to the point of death.

“Everyone is raised by cruelty and abuse, so we cannot understand why we do not value life and protection in the first place. Illnesses. Rest on the press. (CC)

According to the family, Baba Sue will be buried on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at his residence in Ikorodu.

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