At the 12th edition of the Thai Solarrin University in Iguagun Ogun State, 50 first class out of 3,885 graduates graduated.

The 16-year-old Specialized Education University said it will award honorary doctorates to two of the region’s top rulers. Obaro Kelende Olugbenle and Akarigbo, Governor of Ramoland, Oba Babatunde Ajayi and CEO of Ertel Communications Plc.

Acting Deputy Chancellor Professor Oluwole Banjo made the announcement in a press conference on Tuesday.

According to VC, the ceremony will begin at the church service on Sunday and the grand final will be played on Sunday at the main campus with the governor of the state, Dapo Abiyodu.

1,409 full-time high school seniors, 2,159 bag high school seniors, 266 third-graders and one undergraduate, Banjo said.

Along with other university leaders, Banjo also produced 2,001 part-time graduates, of whom 155 bagged high school students, 660 high school seniors, 183 third grade students and three undergraduate students. .

He added that 483 postgraduate students will be awarded higher degrees.

“We have produced 50 first class out of 3,885 graduates. We have 1,409 Secondary High, 2,159 Secondary Low, 266 Third Class and One Pass.

“We honor our sons and daughters who are doing well in Ogun State.

“For example, we have been awarding our chiefs to Awjale and Alake so we will give them the remaining two Sundays in the big finals.”

Speaking of the state of the university, all the degrees offered by the reserve VC at TASUED are fully accredited by the National University Commission.

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