Controversial former aviation minister Femi Fanny-Kayode denied in Lagos on Tuesday that he had been arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, although he said the anti-corruption agency had granted him “self-confidence.”

After being arrested by the EFFC, Fanny-Kayode took to Twitter to protest in two parts. According to various online sources, bail means the immediate release of a defendant awaiting trial after the arrest of such a person.

Tweeting via @realFFK, he wrote: “I was never arrested by the EFFC. I was invited and flew to Lagos to see them. I arrived at their office at 2:00 pm and left at 8:30 p.m. Knowing myself, I was granted bail. He was very polite and professional. Thank God. “

“I feel sorry for those who claim to be arrested. They are filled with hatred and live in false news. Since when has a party and a friendly conversation been held? And even if I am arrested, what? I am not above the law and joining the APC does not give me the right not to be prosecuted. My God is mighty! “ He added.

FFK tweets screenshot

Fanny-Kayode is said to be under investigation for fraudulent documents and fraud.

The former minister, who rejoined the All Progressives Congress in September, arrived at the Lagos Zone Anti-Theft Agency on Tuesday.

Details of the charges against him were brief, but AFC spokesman Wilson Uujaren confirmed that Fani-Kayode had been arrested by the operators.

Fanny-Kayode competed against the EFFC and was once held for 67 days in 2016 with former Finance Minister Nevada Osman.

The two and two other 17-felony conspiracies, fraud and money laundering amounted to N4.9 billion.

They denied the charges, and each was later released on N250 million bail.

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