Police in the Federal Capital Territory have arrested two people posing as members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

PUNCH Metro The imposters went to an entertainment center in the FCT Edo area to arrest an Abuja University student suspected of internet fraud.

Our correspondent heard that the imposters demanded N1m to release the suspect and that if he did not do so, they would detain him at the Edo police station.

An eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said one of the suspects called a police station and confirmed that the men were imposters.

He said: “The fake police came to Abby Chilius Edo to arrest a student on Saturday night. He also said that he was associated with a special anti-robbery group.

“One of the surprises of this arrest was that they brought a photo of the person they wanted to capture. After the drama, they demanded N1m release or arrest at the Edo police station. They accused him of being an Internet fraud. They told him that if he did not cooperate, he would go to prison.

“After hearing that they were from Edo, one of his friends, who knew the station, called people he knew.

“He asked if he knew the police; the person he spoke to begged for a few minutes to find out. He called back minutes later and said he did not know anyone who was calling the names. They came to arrest him.”

FSP police spokesman Josephine Adeh confirmed the incident.

She said an investigation was under way.

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