The President of the Republic of Nigeria, Emmanuel Iwbumwan, has called on governments to ensure that justice is done and that urban planning rules apply to any building.

Evbuomwan blamed the demolition of a 21-storey building in Ikoyi Lagos earlier this month on the killing of several people and the use of unprofessional by developers to reduce costs.

During the 2021 Surveys Vanguard Summit, the designer spoke on the theme ‘Achieving Healthy Professionals’ Re-Assessing and Moving Forward in Geometry’, which was held in Adeki, the capital of Ekki, on Tuesday.

A six-member committee set up by the Lagos State government to investigate the damage was awaited.

Speaking on how to test the profession and how to provide better quality services to the community, the chairman said, “Even if we do well, there is something that needs to be improved.

He also said that the right people should be treated fairly. Any developer who wants to develop should make sure they do not use pressure to cut corners. They must abide by the rules of the city plan and ensure that the approval process is complied with in the letter.

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