1997 Daily Times, I made a piece about the humorous situation in Nigeria. I don’t know where to find that piece right now. At that time, Google did not have an Internet connection.

I have done a lot of research on the subject. I learned that he was the first comedian in the Nigerian theater, Kaka, who briefly starred with Hubert Ogaden in the 1940s / 50s tour of Alanjojo Theater.

Moses’ successor, Olya Adjumo, later became known as Baba Salah. He learned the magic trade from Mephibosheth, a native of Jesse. Adejumo received the name Professor Chadu.

When that did not bring much fame and fortune, he left the magic to music. Sunday Adege, later known as King Seni Ade, was one of the band’s children. He soon expanded his music and left for comedy. Baba Salah has been instrumental in making jokes for his group members such as Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa), Iya Salah, Kari Ile, Senge, Denge, Okondo, Edokpolor, etc. It is indeed a comedy in Nigeria.

When Awada Kerikeri started his career in the late 1960s, he soon joined the comedy, known as Ojo Ladipo (Baba Mero). He met Baba Salah at work, and no wonder he followed Baba’s tradition. Among its members are Adebayo Salami (Belo), Sabbath Omobolanle (Alue), Lanre Hassan (Auro) and others.

Other comedians also took part in the costumes worn by Baba Salah. They came from Ibadah, Papa Lolo and Jacob’s team. Baba Salah and Baba Mero, who became famous for their television shows, cut their teeth at the Hubert Ogdende, the Doyen Doyende, in the famous Alarino travel theater in western Yoruba.

When Abba Mero passed away, their group did not die. They were made to live in Belo, Alue, and Auro. They continued with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Awada’s Riri group began to take action with other groups, and Alue’s fame came. He became the next most popular comedian after Baba Salah and Baba Mero.

A.D. In the mid-1970s, Dr. Ola Balogan played the role of John Chukuki, a young man from the Blues who came to make his debut film Amadi in Nigeria. The film made an impact and was introduced to the entertainment industry by John Chuchu.

Chuchuk built on Amadi’s fame to become the first comedian in Nigeria. Although he does not move from stage to stage, he does business at nightclubs and on television. John Chukuki went to Ikeja to own his own nightclub in front of the Bloggi bus stop, on the Obafemi Avenue Road, Ikeja.

In the comedy train next to John Chuchu, Tunji Sotimirin and Danjumah Mohammed were not expected to eat. Before the comedy was released, he did well on the Charlie Boy show and died in the morning. But we have to admit that those guys are doing a good job of chasing the money for Alue.

Alongside Alue were side stars such as Otolo, Alaran, and Ojoge (the last two being by Awada Kerikeri). They made waves on the Yoruba drama on television. He has made waves on reverse and optical films such as Ade Love, Sam Makinwa, Awada Kerikeri, Dr. Ola Baloggi, Jimoh Aliyu, etc.

In 1991, when the original video came with the original home video, Aje Nia Mi He built the first film venue in Nigeria, NEK, not far from the winners. I have often visited actors like Apocalypse (Jaguar), Ia Ngbalaif, Baba Nigbalayif, Sisi Olodede, and so on.

Jesse soon went to great lengths to find Yoruba artists living in Meran, where I met actors such as Aduke George (Iya Salah), Basiru Isola (Oloye Ajere), Ola Omonta (Ajimajasan), Dupe Johnson (Fali Werepe), and so on. .

Babatunde Omidina (Baba Suwe) has been featured on Yoruba Drama Productions on TV and in-house videos. He told me the story in an interview with him in 1996. I need my library. Save part 2 of this section.

Baba Sue did his best. I expect the Yoruba people to respect him more than they do. This comedian made his fans smile. He was a great comedian. Raw comedy! Unwritten! Directly from an unknown pool of God-given talents. In those days, as a film producer, all you wanted to do was explain the story to Baba Sue. He delivers!

She married the first comedian in Nigeria, Moladu Kenkel, and passed away. With her, Baba Sue made the perfect match for a comedy that suited his fans’ unpopularity.

Like everyone else, Baba Suwe had his faults and mistakes. If God knew sin, who could stand? It is in this context that I wish Baba Suwe a good night. I hope he confirms eternity before he leaves. Thank you for your contribution.

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