The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has confirmed the arrival of 158 Nigerians held hostage in Libya.

The returnees, who arrived at Al Burak International Boeing 737-800 Registration No. 5A-DMG, were received at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport around 5pm 47 on Wednesday.

South West Co-ordinator Ibrahim Farinloye said in a statement that 86 returnees included 6 females, 6 females and 13 infants, 42 adult males, two inpatients, three boys and 21 infants.

The statement said, “NEMA has accepted 158 Nigerian detainees who have voluntarily returned home. The returnees, who were repatriated to Nigeria by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), arrived at Al Buraq Airport Boeing 737-800 Registration Number 5A-DMG around 1747.

“The returnees, who had to check with the Nigerian Immigration Service, were picked up by the cargo wing at the airport. According to the report, there were 86 adult females, 6 females and 13 females, and 42 males, 2 medical cases, 3 females and 21 male infants.

“The returnees will be kept in transit for seven days during the returnees’ training and other medical procedures.”

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