With so many aspects of life constantly appealing to us, it reminds us of how much we need to be aware of something we went through last week – the car. The right way to handle this moment is an event sponsored by GAC Motor. 21st Abuja International Motor Show.

Annex to the International Conference Center, García, Abuja, has attracted the attention of everyone with a display of the latest GC engine editions that have not yet been seen on Nigerian roads. As sponsors of the event, it was a great opportunity to tell guests why owning a GAC ​​engine is the best decision for a major car brand.

GAC Motor Pavilion, 89-foot building was the center of everything. “Automobile Development”. It was a meeting point for guests looking to improve their lifestyle with a variety of car details, the main one being the GN8 Series, a minivan that combines luxury and convenience on a single drive. One of the exciting features that allows users to save spells is the spacious first-class cabin interior. At a 25% discount, participants at the Pavilion were able to purchase the GN8.

Following this major GAC edition was the GS3, GS4, GS8 and GA4 series displays; Each one comes with its own unique features, one of which is how the GS8 launches on the smartwatch. All these cars were offered to visitors at a 10% discount on Pavilion.

Eating eyes is not enough. GAC Motor Management considered it a good opportunity to make that long-awaited improvement by selecting the desired version of GAC from a variety of purchase models.

It is the first of many options. “Drive now, pay later” A plan that allows guests to choose the GAC car of their choice and pay the full amount at their convenience; When fulfilling the terms and conditions set forth.

Another interesting option was the GAC Car Finance Plan, which allows guests to apply for a car loan option and get a car loan.

Explaining the GAC brand’s commitment to making car ownership more affordable and accessible, GAC Motor General Manager Jibril Arrogondade (representing GC Motor in Nigeria) represented the transfer steps. Companies are the perfect solution to improve Nigeria’s socio-economic development. By the word. “We have a big market but a small purchasing power … we have to find ways to make buying a car easier for people.”. By making the GAC Covenant known to guests, he further highlighted that. “We have a partnership with commercial banks to see how we can lend to our customers.”

GAC kept its promise by offering car loan options to Wema Bank executives. Existing Wema Bank account holders had the opportunity to pick up the car they wanted. For veterans who do not have a Wema Bank account, the bank officials were on pavilion to open their accounts and facilitate their car finance application process.

Honorable and wealthy people visited the arena to get a load of these eye-catching GAC engine features; Among them were Engineer Gelani Aliu, represented by Dr. Nuwa Omisanyan, Director of the Department of Industry and Infrastructure, NADDC, Reverend Lambert Ekeba, Member, NADDC Executive Member, Otunba Adini Adebayo, Honorable Minister of Trade and Investment. Chairman, GAC Motor Nigeria, Chief Diana Chen.

This is one of the many initiatives led by GAC engine to boost economic growth in Nigeria. Major start-ups include his commitment to industrialization, in particular his partnership with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and his commitment to sports in partnership with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

Discover the GAC engine for you. Visit any of our showrooms and choose a GAC ​​car for yourself.


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