Emmanuel Dennis After 11 games at Watford, Odeon Igallo surpassed the record for goals and assists scored. PUNCH SPORTS MORE Reports.

The Nigerian striker, who joined the club from Bridges Hornets in June, has scored four goals and provided four assists, surpassing Egal for three goals and four assists.

The 23-year-old, who scored his first goal for the club against Aston Villa, was also a target in victories over Norwich, Everton and Manchester United – his last victims last Saturday.

Dennis scored a goal and two assists for the Hornets.

He also won six and recovered three. Watford have won just nine of their last 16 Premier League goals.

Only Mohamed Salah is more involved.

Dennis is currently fourth in the Auxiliary table, sixth in the 90th minute goals and assists, and is 10th in goal scoring this season.

Claudio Ranieri won the Premier League title on Watford’s trip to Leicester City on Sunday.

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