Recently (not recently), two football managers have been negatively impacted by the news. These are Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr. And former Manchester United striker Ole Gunar Solshire. I have often found ole spelling challenging in some way. So, every time I write about it (when I am not) I confirm it many times – and you have to do it regularly with words that you find difficult to write. But this lesson is not about letters.

Rather, it is a word that is frequently used in connection with the work experience of both coaches. It is a ‘sack’. Solshire has already been disbanded and we will focus on our own Rohingya – which many believe will not be able to build a strong Super Eagles. As a result, they want it to go. Even more, some fans are calling for a ‘sack’. That’s where my problem lies. Do you try to sack or expel someone?

The word bag has been widely used in informal settings, but it has also been featured in the media, including headlines, and has asked Roger’s sack to drop off. It is not appropriate in this context to use the term ‘sack’ to refer to the sack. Expected ‘expulsion’. They called for someone to be removed along with the entire process.

Although ‘bag’ may be a verb or noun according to its use, it does not work with the structure being considered. Considered as a verb, you may have a gra-

The NFF wants Rohr to be fired.

As the name implies, a bag can be a collection-

The cutter is in the bag.

But to understand why it is appropriate to ‘expel’ instead of ‘calling the sack’, let’s consider the variability of the same word ‘ban’.

They want the government to ban the group. (correct)

You are asking the group to suspend you. (Error)

You are asking the group to suspend you. (correct)

Another technical way to deal with this situation is to remember that an “expulsion call” is required. So the sacking is not what you want it to be. Remember, gerund is a noun that works like a noun. You are in

It’s a bad idea to leave now. (Release)

Going now can be dangerous. (Going)

What the teacher does not want is late delivery. (Submission).

Although leaving, going, and submitting in the paragraphs are verbs in succession, they are no longer working as verbs. They serve as nouns – and in the first and third sentences as paragraphs, but in the second as objects. Consider this:

Dismissing him is the best thing to do now. (Error)

Dismissing him is the best thing to do now. (correct)

The term ‘sack’ has other uses but I will mention only one because it refers to the expulsion of a person from office or office. Give this bag, take the bag or face the bag. This is especially true if you were told by your employer that you should resign because you made a mistake. Here are some examples:

Man U fired his coach last Sunday.

If Rohr’s style does not change, he will get a sack.

Loss of income for Dr. Jason’s sack.

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