Nigeria’s Chief Justice Tanko Mohammed has asked the newly sworn in 22 judges of the Federal Capital Territory High Court to refrain from defamation or defamation.

CJN on Tuesday issued a recommendation to the Supreme Court complex judges in Abuja.

“Bench can not fall into the trap of giving in to people who are easily discouraged by greedy, greedy or questionable characters,” he said.

The CJN has accused them of over-testing, which can hinder and even hinder their progress.

According to him, the newly appointed judges have made a lifetime pact with God and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, saying that whatever they do right will be counted and accordingly they will be favored.

“The appointment of the bench is not for wealth, vain praise, dishonest thinking or corrupt lifestyle,” he warned.

CJN: “Our radar is sophisticated in detecting all forms of corruption and mischief. The distance from your place of judgment cannot blind us to you.

Mohammed informs NJC that he has strong eyes on the judges so that they do not regret having been appointed as justice officers.

CJN’s vows and words should be at the heart of the matter and should be applied generously to their judgment.

Muhammad urged them to be impartial, fair, and fair in all their dealings.

He said the justice officers that the country needs now are those who are honest, objective, humble and humble.

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