Nigerian comedian Bolaji Amussa, also known as Latin, is a 63-year-old comedian who is also known as Mr. Latin.

Baba Suwe was born in Lagos, Lagos, in the Ikorodu Local Government Area. On August 22, 1958, he began his acting career on the island of Lagos.

Go up to the stars

In an earlier interview with The Punch, Baba Suwe says he started his career in high school by joining a group known as Osumare Theater Group.

From the great stage game titled, Baoku, The band became famous and moved to Lagos Television for stage performances.

“On LTV 8 we went to a stage show. After the show, some people came up to me and asked me if I was wearing a costume. I told them I was and they asked me if I could show on their channel NTA Channel 7.

“They also invited me to our 10-minute performance at the National Theater. Then we were told to perform at their station. The producer at the time was Gani Kasumu.

“We really liked the first show and we finished recording 13 episodes of the show. This is how ‘the world’ learned about Baba Suwe and we became very popular.”

Baba Suwe Movies

Includes films made by a Yoruba patriot Religion, the eye, the father of London, not so, coat, Inter alia

He also made movies. Great Alpha, Happy, Eternal Father, Father of London, Two Mice, Night, Night, Eye, Inter alia.

Health war

The actor’s health war is said to be fighting an undisclosed illness in 2019.

A.D. According to Mr. Latin, in 2019, TAMPAN has been taking care of the veterans’ medical accounts under the administration of former President Dale Odule since 2017.

Baba Suwe’s illness has taken him to Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Idi Araba, Lagos, and according to Mr. Latin, the development came as a result of the association’s federal government’s request to pay for veterans’ medical bills.

Mr Latin said the veteran comedian had promised to provide first aid at LUTH to the federal government.

The actor spent about a month in a hospital on Rhodes Island, near New York, USA, where he was treated for diabetes and other ailments.

At that time, philanthropists donated the N10m to the youngest, known as the Love of Christ Church, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, and donated N1m to Vice President Yemi Obasanjo.

Death talk

There were rumors of the actor’s death last year, which came a day after he turned 62. His son Adesola denied the allegations, saying that his father was accustomed to the news of his death.

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