Mai Tula, Alhaji Abubakar Atare, mourns the loss of their assistants in a car accident.

Three people were killed and several others were injured in a road accident on Gombe / Adwa Expressway.

Danjuma Mohammed, also known as Wakili Mota, also known as Cook Mohammed Tawal, also known as Sokale Tula, a longtime pilot in a Convoi pilot car, was killed in a crash on Thursday.

Adamu Ibrahim, a police officer who was rushed to hospital, died on Sunday.

J5 Peugeot Two passengers were killed and two others were injured when a car bomb exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center, police said.

“Three people with various degrees of injury have been taken to Gombe, Federal Teaching Hospital for treatment,” the source said.

The traditional ruler said the deaths of the three workers were a great loss to the royal family and that they were closely related to each other.

Atare said, “It was a huge loss for me personally and for the whole Tula administration because these are people I know as members of the royal family.

“So I feel the pain is a personal loss and I pray to Almighty Allah to rest their souls.”

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