On Tuesday, Igboze Ndigbo, a major Igbo socio-cultural organization, called on southeasterners and Nigerians doing business in the zone to feel free to resume their normal activities on Monday. The house is finished.

He also urged the schools in the zone to start their regular education without any harassment.

Ohanaze spokesman Alex Ogbonia, in a statement to our correspondent, also called on carriers and traders heading to the south-east, especially those from Cameroon, to feel free to trade freely.

The statement, “Do not stay in the country anymore,” said the Biafran leadership had rescinded an earlier sit-in order issued Monday.

“George O’Brien, Ambassador General of Ohanaze Ndigbo International, took this opportunity to express his gratitude to the IPOBI for his understanding and maturity during his election and to cancel Monday’s meeting,” he said.

“Indeed, they have scored two main points. First, the Igbo people are disappointed that the election was a resounding success. Second, the IPOB can hear appeals from the elders.

“It is gratifying to see the international, traditional rulers, archbishops, rulers, celebrities, women’s groups, political classes, academies, etc. in the land of Igbo land united in the Nnamdi-Kanu project.

“This is proof that the unity of the Igbo people is unquestionable and that they can move forward in a very short time.”

He added that despite the differing views and persuasions of the Igbos, the maturity of the Igbo Republic has always had the potential to be mutually beneficial. ,,

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