Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday afternoon, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Crowds of “disgruntled citizens” in the Shadawanka community say they have come out to protest the ‘forced displacement’ of their grandparents’ homes.

PUNCH Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Kundamu, Guru, Magama, Rafin Sani, Burum, and Rugan Gambo communities near Shadawanka Barax, Bachi Bachi-Jos Road.

ተቃዋሚዎቹ ሁል ጊዜ ስራ የሚበዛበትን የBauchi-Jos መንገድ፣ ዛራንዳ ሆቴል፣ባቹ፣እንዲሁም ጥቂት ሜትሮች ወደ መድፍ ብርጌድ በር በመዝጋታቸው አሽከርካሪዎች ወደ Bauchi ሜትሮፖሊስ እንዳይገቡ እና እንዳይወጡ እንቅፋት ሆነዋል።

Drivers are forced to look for alternative routes to get on or off the bus.

Others, especially trucks and petrol tanks, had to wait more than two hours for the road to open.

Some protesters carried placards with slogans such as “Save the Shadawanka community from the Emirati Council”, “Free the Shaddawanka community from the Nigerian army”, and “save the Shadawanka community from land grabbers”.

The protesters, including elderly men, women, and children, protested the eviction of their grandparents, who had lived for more than 150 years.

He called on the governor of Bachi State, Bala Mohammed, to “save us and save us from being evicted from our lands by the Nigerian army for many, many years.”

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

We wrote three different letters to the regime, but nothing was done. Then suddenly, yesterday, they came and told us to leave.

“We begged the governor to intervene. They want to touch our lives and we have sold our lives for that purpose and we are ready to give our lives until they leave our land.

“As I speak, seven of us are suffering from high blood pressure and two are unable to move.

“We have nowhere to go. If the government gives free rein to IDPs who have entered the region from other places, how can the natives of our region now tell us to vacate our land? Where? What is our crime?

Another opposition leader, Habibu Suleiman, said his protest was aimed at informing the world of the injustice being done to his community.

Arriving an hour later, Bach State Special Adviser General Marcus Yack, who had been protesting for some time, had a hard time convincing drivers to open the road.

Villagers told reporters that the Nigerian army should not continue to enclose because they were protesting against the payment of compensation.

When we contacted him, Major Yahaya Kabara, a spokesman for the 33rd Infantry Brigade, said he had read the message on his WhatsApp account two hours later.

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