With inflation declining over the past few months, analysts predict that the last two months of the year will improve.

PUNCH recently reported that inflation fell from 16.36 percent last month to 15.99 percent in October. Inflation has been declining steadily since April, when it rose 18.12 percent.

In a note sent to our correspondent by CSL Stoke Brokers analysts: By 2022, the government has set a 13 percent inflation target.

“But as we approach the holiday season, we expect monthly inflation to increase in the last two months of the year, given the increase in demand.”

According to Cordros Capital analysts, food prices will fall sharply this month due to lower-than-average food prices.

“In addition, we expect the population to be prepared for the end of the holiday season, which will further increase food prices.

“Accordingly, we expect the agricultural basket to affect food inflation in November. As a result, we forecast that food inflation will increase by 16.0 per cent to 1.07 per month. Accordingly, we expect major inflation to rise by 0.91 per cent in November.”

CSL stock analysts have blamed inflation and insecurity on the food chain.

According to them, the opening of land borders has not contributed to food inflation as trade flows have not yet returned to normal.

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