Says Tewa Onasania, publisher of Exquisite Magazine and founder of ELOY Awards. Blessings to you About her publishing trip and other issues

Tell me Tell us about your background.

I am the first of six daughters and a graduate of Pharmacology at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. I spent a few years in Nigeria before moving to England as a child.

I studied pharmacology because I wanted to be a doctor, but I did not get the results I needed to study medicine. My goal was to switch from pharmacology to medicine, but I liked it when I started studying pharmacology. I was fascinated by the biological and drug effects of medicine and stayed there until I graduated in 2000. After graduating, I worked with a number of pharmaceutical companies before deciding to become a full-time entrepreneur.

While working as a clinical information manager at a pharmaceutical company, I started Exquisite Magazine. I worked in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands before I started Exquisite Magazine because I felt there was a huge gap in the market for magazines for black women. I started the magazine in 2003 without any knowledge of journalism and publishing. But, a few years later, I decided to quit my job and focus on the magazine. Here we are 18 years later.

What motivated you to start writing, thinking you had learned about pharmacology?

I have always loved writing and started when I was nine years old. My passion for writing has always been there but I thought I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to take care of people and take care of them. I did not think that writing could be a full-time job. Reading inspired me to write my own story and make other stories.

Tell us about your experience as a publisher..

What I experienced as a publisher was great. I have been in the industry for 18 years. I love writing and fashion, and I wanted to bring to light the different ways in which women can wear different clothes to please and inspire confidence. Despite the ups and downs, the printing press was kind to me; These are related to starting a business and the industry I am in. When I moved to Nigeria in 2004, I encountered issues related to printing. I began to retreat. And since then. We also faced challenges in the printing industry, and for some time we published in China. Fortunately, digital innovation has helped the magazine and we are now more digital and online. I say my experience was good.

Do you still practice pharmacology?

I have not personally practiced pharmacology but my science degree still comes to play in my career. In addition to being the founder of Exquisite Magazine and the ELOY Awards Foundation, I am the founder of Exquisite Magazine Walk Against. It is designed to raise awareness of cervical cancer prevention. Although I have not done research on various drugs or diseases at the pharmaceutical company, I can help diagnose people with cervical cancer; I also recommend that teens be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus.

Do you have a personal reason for raising awareness about cervical cancer?

I had a friend who died of cervical cancer. It hurts so much because she was young and had a baby. The idea of ​​raising awareness about cervical cancer in Nigeria came about because I realized that a woman in this country dies every hour from cervical cancer. And, there was little or no understanding of it. Awareness is still not enough and the magazine aims to promote fashion and feminine style, we felt it was right for us to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

ELOY Awards last 12 years. What did you achieve with it?

Since 2009, we have awarded 200 women’s awards in various fields. The ELOY Awards Foundation is about continuing to empower women. Over the past 12 years, we have been able to empower women in micro, small and medium enterprises. In 2018, we launched the ELOY Foundation’s Sustainable Development Program. There are 40 people in the program, 10 of whom have received help from our business. The remaining 30 have received capacity building trainings, webinars, networking and other benefits. The content of the program is for small businesses to get the support they need to grow and develop. The main purpose of the award is to bridge the gap between business owners and the resources they need to grow their businesses.

You are described as a ‘Thinking Stylist’. what does that mean?

Mindfulness is basically a coaching mindset but I do not want to call myself a coach. That’s why I call myself a stylist. Thinking statistics help people to adjust their mindset to live the life they want to. I teach people how to renew their minds and change their lives. We have a variety of ideas that have played a role in our lives since childhood. Like mindfulness statistics, I help people identify attitudes that prevent them from doing what they want to do. I do this by using the law of attraction.

You are a fashion journalist, pharmacist, writer, wife and mother. How do you balance these different aspects of life?

I manage my work and my family with God’s grace and grace. At any time, I make sure that I can determine what is important at that time and prioritize it. There are various things I can do to help keep myself on track to be the wife, sister, and mother I want to be. I also make sure that one aspect does not suffer for another. My children are 14 and 17 years old respectively, and now they are a little bit independent. I think I was very lucky and blessed to explore different things.

Women are currently active in different parts of the country. What do you think is responsible for this?

The reason is that we (women) are now awake. Last year the motto of the award was ‘The women are here, they can afford it’. The future is not a woman; The future is now. Women are coming to themselves and we know what a man can do, and we can do better. Women can be active in any field and that is the reward. He is preaching that women are doing exceptionally well in different sectors; Whether a man is superior or not. I am very happy that women are aware that they are no longer restricted to the kitchen or the bedroom. Now, we are saying that we can be in the kitchen and boarding room at the same time. We want to be women, no matter where we are because we have this power.

How do you bring out the best in your employees?

I encourage my staff to do good on their own and I do not criticize them for their mistakes. I admire them too. I believe our words are powerful, so I try not to say anything negative about the lives of my employees. I speak positively in their lives and every time they make a mistake, I speak in a demeaning way. I will determine their strengths and bring out the best in them.

There is always room to learn at work but it is important to do what one is qualified to do.

What do you think is the highest point of your career?

That is my ability to motivate women and support their businesses. It is a big point for me to publish the magazine every month, to make successful events, to make a meaningful impact and to see how happy people are when they are selected for the award.

What are your criteria for awarding prizes?

Over the past 12 years, thousands of women have been nominated, and more than 200 have been awarded prizes. Some of our criteria are that the woman must be in a direct or indirect position of leadership, a person’s character and loyalty, a commitment to a cause, a mission, and her ability to attract other men and women. . Every year we introduce new categories and sometimes issue old categories so that we can influence the different professions or areas where women work.

This year, there are a total of 20 categories. For approval, the Governing Body goes to the top of the list and selects the most deserving ones. The awards are strictly defeated on merit; Not by people paying us.

At this stage of your life and career, are you fulfilled?

I am blessed and grateful but there is much I want to promote to the world. I look forward to more success. As one grows, one realizes that there are many good things.

What is your biggest fear?

There are some things that frighten me, but I believe that I should not talk about fear. Instead, I talk about faith and the lives of my family and friends.

It was a little scary when I started our graduation program, but I went ahead and did it. My definition of fear is belief and rising above all obstacles.

How do you like to dress?

I like to dress very simple, complex and beautiful. I like women’s clothing.

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