A person is by default selfish and therefore does not think twice about the consequences of his actions to his neighbors. Naturally, a person is bound to take care of himself and his family. As long as he is satisfied, he does not care about his neighbors. It is not necessary to investigate others. Sometimes a person is entertained by others to comfort himself. Once he is well, he is not interested in anyone else who is not well. Some have made it a practice to engage in unwholesome activity, as if their conscience were dead. These conscientious objectors amass wealth by injuring others.

The National Food and Drug Administration (NDA) has recently warned Nigerians of the dangers of eating frozen foods, as some unscrupulous people are protecting the dead body with a chemical called formalin. Frozen fish, poultry and turkey are the most common foods that have been poisoned by fish and meat vendors. When formaldehyde is used, it can cause serious damage to organs. NAFDAC later reported that some “klishi” (dry meat) sellers use the poison Sniper to protect and protect flies from meat. Cruel!

Professor Mojisisola Adeye, Director General of the NFDAC, described how some marketers use kerosene or petrol lubricants to bring vegetable oils to market. According to her, we have noticed that some tanks used to carry kerosene or petroleum products are washed a little and carry vegetable oil inside. It is very dangerous, because, of course, such vegetable oil contamination. Innocent people go and buy these vegetable oils and eventually they get sick. When you see this, kindly report it to NAFDAC so we can do something about it. He also advised Nigerians to beware of red palm oil as some traders have now turned red, a dangerous chemical called crocodile red, into red, inviting and appealing. This can be an artificial food coloring cancer and can affect both major and minor organs. How can one do this without fear on earth?

I read in the news last year that some chefs and chefs are adding paracetamol tablets to the meat to reduce the cooking time. High doses of paracetamol in the body can damage the liver. In fact, studies have shown that some people commit suicide by taking too much paracetamol. If taking large doses can be fatal in a short period of time, consider how severe paracetamol can be in the body. It has also been reported that some farmers and bean sellers use snipers to treat and protect raw beans from pests. Some time ago, it was known to some meat sellers that flies were driven out of the raw meat by selling formaldehyde. At other times, Nigerians have been warned by NAFDAC to beware of carbohydrates that can cause cancer in the body.

The uncontrollable desire to acquire the wealth of many today stems from laziness and impatience. These people can go to great lengths to become rich overnight without paying their dues or making the right channels. These rich-minded people enter into ritual sacrifices for the sake of making money, sacrificing human life and even vital organs.

Sadly, many who engage in these murderous acts are aware of the harmful effects of such acts, and they do not worry too much about the potential benefits of killing people indirectly and silently. In our society today, it is common for people to indulge in extravagant, ungodly acts. Because most people or most people do the same, they say it is good and safe. This is the thinking of the destroyers when they destroy or steal what is intended to improve their lives. For those involved in theft and vandalism, it is because many people do the same thing and do not want to see anything bad or inappropriate. Doing the same thing to others around you is not right or wrong. Always be guided by your conscience and strive to be faithful to him.

Another day, a pregnant woman in Delta State died in a hospital bed. The news was that the on-duty nurse had not been able to monitor the woman who was in labor. The pregnant caregiver reportedly went home to pick up some maternity items. The caregiver returned only to see the pregnant woman on the floor while the nurses were asleep. Mandatory negligence and evil!

Where did we get it personally as a country? what’s the matter? What is missing? How do we track our actions? Who is responsible for our situation? In William Shakespeare’s play, Cassius must constantly remember the thought-provoking meal of William Shakespeare’s play: If we change our ways, our problems will be solved automatically. We hurt ourselves by our own actions. Remember, karma is real and true: if you do evil, evil will protect you; If it is good, it will be good in turn.

In an effort to jump on the right, honorable, and honorable path to success, most people become discouraged and jump on the bandwagon of good and bad. Greed is rampant, and it tends to hurt people in any way they can. Thoughts about the consequences and effects of their actions often begin to disappear; They slowly suppress their conscience and kill.

Before taking that step, please consider a second time. If you suspect that the action will affect the community positively or negatively, seek a second opinion!

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