Oreovagene Obo, who was recently fired from a reality TV show Gulder Final Search, Said he was saddened by the way he was expelled from the event.

He said. Sunday scapegoat, “I am very sad because I was fired in an informal way. The task was to drive out the opposition, and the two other tribes agreed to make sure my tribe was defeated. Over time, we had a triumphant journey. I was so upset that I was fired. ”

Oreva was ousted during the Break the Tiles game, and the tribes had to break through the pits to ensure they remained in the jungle. as if Of. Place Speech DrumThe anchor of the show Talk McKinhua asked members of the Erin tribe to play the Fireside Questions game. Chidima, Omokafe, and Damilola answered all the questions correctly, but Oreva failed, which led to his dismissal.

Speaking about his plans for the future, Oreva said, “I love entertainment and I want to work as a TV presenter. I want to join Nollywood because I like acting too. I will take my business to the next level. Before moving to GUS, I was involved in Event Hosting and Management, and worked as a System Master. I studied at Federal Polytechnic Ochi, Edo State Electrical and Electronics (Telecommunication Option) and graduated in 2018. I have been working as a fitness trainer ever since and I look forward to modeling for brands.

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