How to insert a watermark on your documents in Google Docs. You can use watermarks to add logo images or any text that looks faint and erased at the bottom of each page of your Word document.

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Microsoft Word includes a handy “Insert Watermark” feature to help you easily add your brand logo image or a fading text stamp behind the content of each page of the document. A company policy may require employees to add watermarks to indicate whether a document is in the draft phase or whether the document is confidential and not intended for external distribution.

Microsoft Word watermark

Insert watermarks in Google Docs

Unlike Microsoft Word, there is no built-in support for watermarks in Google Docs, but there is a simple solution: create a faded image with the text of your watermark and place this image behind the text on the pages of the your document. Here’s how:

1. Create the watermark stamp

Start MS Paint on your computer and create a plain watermark image in landscape mode with dark gray text. Please use a bold font like Impact with a large size, as the large image can always be changed in Google Docs, but not the other way around.

I’ve also added some ready-to-use image stamps to Canva and Imgur.

Upload a watermark image

2. Upload the watermark to Google Docs

In Google Docs, go to the Insert menu, choose the Image submenu, and select Upload from Computer. Upload the watermark image you saved in the previous step to Google Docs.

3. Open Image Options

Right-click the image uploaded to Google Docs and choose Image Options from the context menu.

Diagonal watermark image

4. Change the rotation

Expand the Image Options sidebar and, below
Size & Rotation section, set the angle to around 320° to make the diagonal of the watermark.

5. Send the image behind the text

  • In the text adjustment section, choose Behind Text to send the watermark image behind the contents of the document.
  • Under Position, select Fixed position option with the design set as Center. This will place the watermark image right in the center of the page.
  • In the Settings section, set the transparency level to around 80% to blur the watermark image in the background.

The watermark effect on documents

This is how the final watermark effect will look on your Google document.

Watermark on the document

Tip: You can use Document Studio to generate PDF files from Google Forms, and watermarks will also be displayed on your PDF document.

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