When we talk about gifts in the grammar, we are talking about things that are not very important, but they are very valuable. It is a phrase that can be easily used but ultimately ended up as a compliment or promotion. It means different things here, however, it may be the opposite of appreciation or a positive offer. This explanation is important so that no one will be disappointed with the degrading practices of life. Governments at every level feel that they are making remarkable progress or encouragement when they spend $ 10,000 on smiling for some citizens. Poverty can make you appreciate anything, any size, and any gift. For a few months I have been receiving unsolicited messages asking me to apply for a ‘N100,000 subsidy’ or ‘N50 to N250,000’ for a loan for a certain number of times. Limited Bank. Many injured Nigerians would fall victim to such deception and lose their balance. It is also a place where we are pushed by our government.

The federal government has been working on various social protection programs or awareness-raising programs over the years. These include transfers such as the Treadmill, such as a loan initiative or the Borgen project; N-Power program launched in June 2016 to address youth unemployment; School Dining Program, etc. These are the simplest Tokenism economies to solve the complex economic problems facing Nigerians. Since the launch of these programs in Nigeria, the situation has deteriorated, especially among the middle class and the so-called ‘Karl Marx’ proletariat. If we were to properly monitor the impact of the policies, we would have to take a long-term step out of this recession, unless the government’s objective is economic. What course should we follow? Based on the assumption that the government wants to achieve comprehensive development, you can look at the following economic development lessons.

Inclusive development creates economic opportunities for all citizens and provides equal opportunities for all segments of society, especially the poor, which is focused on increasing per capita income in the economy. This means development that includes marginalized people in social, political and economic processes for improved human well-being, social and environmental sustainability. Inclusive development bodies include poverty reduction by enabling people to generate income. Creating new jobs for unemployment reduction; Promoting sectoral development such as economic diversity; Protecting the environment, including the green economy; Equitable distribution of income for general development through taxes and the like. How many of these components do we find in the government’s economic programs?

The ingredients can be found in skill development; Early childhood development and universal access to quality education; Entrepreneurship support policies for small and medium enterprises; Ability to innovate and attract new technologies through the promotion of science, technology, engineering and math, high-quality and high-volume production through industrialization and improved, mechanized but labor-intensive agriculture to attract millions of young people, including education, health, electricity and transportation. Investment in physical infrastructure. Even the government and the private sector have not been involved in promoting these bodies but they are not working to achieve some of the desired goals in a targeted way or with a clear conscience and commitment. In many cases, those who implement the policies are concerned about their ‘personal interests’, their immediate and personal interests.

Feeding children in schools is part of Tokenism but providing free, compulsory education to those children and providing free textbooks and materials, as well as a conducive learning environment is also part of the overall development. Many of those who have ruled Nigeria today have benefited from this, and their children are enjoying the same benefits as those of the poor who live outside of our common wealth or in private schools. Free Health is also part of the package and is staffed by primary health centers and regional hospitals. At that time, Nigeria was not prosperous but the level of corruption was very low and the leaders were more humane, not what the Yoruba called Ogbologgos. Of course, teachers were even more determined to accomplish their mission. Not only were they materialistic but they also had no government complaints about their children. It was easy for the ancient teachers to go to heaven and receive their reward. Not so today. Today’s Nigeria will send many teachers to hell and so it may miss out on the rewards of going to heaven!

Significant financial support reports have been provided for SMEs but not much to show for it. The failure may indicate the cost of production and the components of corruption. Most small and micro enterprises spend about half of their energy supply costs, from generators to fuel, maintenance and repair and machine safety. If we solve the problem of electricity, Nigerian industrialization can be taken for granted. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Lagos State Governor, said the supply of electricity to Nigeria should not be rocket science. We have not been able to control the electricity for four years and have not been able to get light. When he was given the opportunity, he had to go. From a practical point of view, I am convinced that in Nigeria there is more to electricity than meets the eye. Blessed Memory Bola Ige thought he could illuminate Nigeria in six months, when given the opportunity it became an impossible task for him; While Bart Nanaji was slowly making strides in the Ministry of Energy, some politicians and their non-state actors made him out of government and slowed him down. Still, like Fascilla and his predecessors, he helped the country by telling the truth beyond our wildest imagination. We hope that there will soon be a “Truth Committee or Panel” on Electricity in Nigeria.

Do we promote STEM in schools? Most public and private high schools do not have practical science labs. The last time I visited high school with some of my classmates, and as we turned around, the laboratory was overflowing. The school is considered one of the oldest and one of the best in the state. It is a common occurrence in public schools as we often encounter images of schools on new and social media sites. Many universities and polytechnic science, engineering and medical students participate in “Practical Concepts.” Practical lessons are conducted in empty laboratories. I urge TETFund to focus on the Special Intervention Fund to equip laboratories in schools of science, engineering and medicine with specially trained teachers. It may be interesting to note that many teachers are not able to identify new machines and equipment in addition to what they see on television programs.

What was the main theme of the Cold War? It was a tribute to technology between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Why is China all over the world today and what is it doing? China is making a fortune by spreading its gospel of technology. Everything is related to the quality of STEM education. It is enough for traders to spend N10,000 to sell imported goods or to force children to stay in school instead of studying for free books and science materials. We cannot handle all economic development issues in this way, but the government should know that its current program is weakening rather than empowering people. Let’s move the economy of Tokenism into an economy of production and productivity.

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