Cape Verde Island has opened a diplomatic mission in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja to enhance bilateral relations and cooperation with Nigeria.

Cape Verde Prime Minister Jose Silva said his country looks forward to attracting tourists from Nigeria, adding that the embassy is a step towards better cooperation and regional integration.

In a statement to reporters in Abuja on Friday, Silver, along with Foreign Minister Rui Sores, promised greater cooperation and growth in trade between Nigeria and his country in the coming years.

The Prime Minister said tourism and transport would take precedence in cooperation with Nigeria and other ECOWAS member states.

“The opening of this embassy is to strengthen the political and cultural ties between Cape Verde and Nigeria. We will also strengthen the Cape Verde relationship and the integration of the ECOWAS region.

“We are going to bring more private investment to Cape Verde. We want to bring more tourists from Nigeria. We have a lot of travelers from Nigeria to Cape Verde.

“We already have some investments there, like investing in other African countries,” he said. Politically and culturally, we believe we offer much, even as a tourist destination.

“Trade between Nigeria and Cape Verde is currently very weak, but in terms of trade, it is important to increase or improve maritime and aviation links.

“It will also play an important role if you invest in the relationship between the region and Cape Verde to increase the number of free trade zones,” he said.

The African Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) underscores the importance of continental integration and implementation.


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