Emmanuel Dennis helped Watford to a 4-1 victory over Manchester United in the Premier League on Saturday.

Watford could miss twice after a penalty shoot-out by David De Gea from Ishmael Sarr and a first-half free kick by Kiko Femenia.

Joshua King worked as a youth player for United under Schalke and converted a low cross at 28 minutes to show no interest in his former boss.

Sarr converted a free kick just before half-time to level the score.

Solskhere’s response was to give Don Van Van Bick a half-hour break and give the Dutchman more chances.

However, as the visitors were building their resilience, Captain Harry Magier suffered another setback when he was sent off for the second time in a row.

Joao Pedro and Emmanuel Dennis added extra salt to United wounds during the break.

Maggie mocks

Watford striker Emmanuel Dennis opened fire on Manchester United defender Harry Maguer in a 4-1 win over the Hornets on Saturday.

Dennis netted in injury time and was able to hold on to Watford’s defeat and hang on to Ole Gunnar Solshire.

United boss Magiar was sent off in the second half as United lost 2-1 in the second half, but Dennis beat United in the afternoon and worsened Magiir’s celebrations in the middle of the week.

After Maguire scored his goal against Albania, he was beaten by United icon Roy Kin for ignoring his message to critics.

And Dennis took the opportunity to make fun of Magier by imitating the festival late on Vicarage Road.

It is highly rated.

Sky Sports And other sports websites rated Dennis’ performance after the game.

Player ratings are over 0%.

According to SkyportS

Watford White Foster (7), Femenia (7), Nkulu (7), Cathart (6), Massina (7), Cleverley (7), Sisoko (7), Luza (8), Grass (7), Dennis (9) )), King (8)

Subscribers drop Hernandez (6), Ekong (7), Pedro (7)

Manchester United ፡ ዴ ዴ ዴ ሂ ዴ ዴ ዴ ፣ ዋ ዋ—-ቢ ቢ ቢ ቢ ሊ ንደ ንደ ንደ ሊ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ ፎ (5), Ronaldo (5).

Subscribers Pages Marshall (4), Van de Beck (6), Dalit, Lingard (n / a).

Thanks to the Nigerian star
The Premier League tweeted @premierleague praised Dennis’ performance.

“The late goals from Emmanuel Dennis and Joao Pedro were impressive for the Watford FA Cup this afternoon.

Statman Dave @StatmanDave added: “A good start to life at Watford.

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