Drivers in Lagos State during the night and in the blaze were shouted at as traffic jams resurfaced.

እንደ ኦጆታ-ኬቱ-ሚሌ 12 በተጨናነቁ አውራ ጎዳናዎች ላይ በፖሊስ ቁጥጥር ስር ያሉ ተንኮለኞች በትራፊክ የተያዙትን አሽከርካሪዎች ላይ በመምታት የንፋስ ስክሪኖቻቸውን በመስበር ለመዝረፍ ሲሞክሩ እንደነበር ተሰምቷል።

Diagnosis by SUNDAY PUNCH In some cases, robbers demand money from drivers, threatening to attack them if they do not comply.

On Monday, October 9, our reporter, who passed by Owete, saw a young man wearing a black intricate t-shirt and T-shirt enter a traffic jam near Freedom Park.

The partner knocked on the windshield and asked the driver for money, but the latter refused. As the robber tried to pull out a weapon, the driver quickly handed him a Niara note. Later he fled to the fields.

Our correspondent noted that police officers and their vehicles were stopped a few meters away from the scene.

TVC Program Partner Your view, Tope Mark-Odigi shared her experience with two traffic robbers on the Alapere Bridge around 7pm last Friday.

Commenting on her experience in Monday’s edition of the program, one of the victims, Mark-Odigi, broke her windshield as she struggled to escape the attack.

Two days before the incident, a friend told her how she had been robbed in traffic and broken glass between Ouronshoki and Ogudu.

She recalls, “Friday (November 12) I had an event on the island. When I returned to the 7’s’s 30, the attack took place on the 7 Up inside of the Alapere Bridge. I knew that they were often robbed (in that area), so I looked around and saw the police standing around the bridge. They always park their patrol vans there. They gathered around a young man on the ground; Probably caught one of the robbers.

“Two minutes later, two men were beside me knocking on the window. I turned to one side and one ran. I reached another line and the other person next to me was hitting the glass until it broke. There was not much space to move, so I continued to struggle in traffic.

“There was a trailer next to me. I kept moving until I could escape. I think other drivers know what’s going on and all they can do is make room for them to move. There was a piece of glass on my body.

She and her associates urged the regional government to illuminate the road and other highways, especially those known for traffic jams.

Another provider, Mariam Long, lamented that she and her husband had been robbed on the Apoon Bridge on several occasions.

Regional Police Public Relations Officer CSP Adekunle Ajisibutu said the command post is solving the problem by strengthening security forces and raiding criminal hideouts in the region.

“Security has been maintained in the area (Owete) and other parts of the region. Police Commissioner CP Dr. Odumosu instructed all local commanders, DPOs, tactical teams and other field commanders in all areas of the region to ensure waterproofing before, during and after Christmas.

“In compliance with the directive, the officers have increased the number of police officers by actively and visually monitoring the police as well as visiting crime shelters.”

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