Tesla CEO Elon Musk reported late Friday that an app problem that prevents many drivers from using their cars around the world is being fixed after a server problem was resolved.

Many Tesla drivers wrote on their Twitter account that they could not launch their car application on their phone and that if they were lucky they would have to use their car key cards.

Musk responded directly to a South Korean driver who reported receiving a server error while trying to connect to a Tesla Model 3 on an iPhone app.

Functionality “Now it has to come back online. We seem to have added network traffic by mistake, ”Musk said on Twitter.

“I’m sorry, but we will take steps to ensure that this does not happen again,” he said.

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But drivers have filed many complaints online, for example, as he tweeted: “I am an hour away from home because I use my phone to start a car.

Another said, “Thousands of @Tesla owners have been locked out of their vehicles because Tesla’s servers crashed two hours ago.”

“I am one of them. “We’re going to help the area with an electric vehicle, but ‘walking’ is not what I thought,” he said.

In countries such as the United States, Canada, Denmark and Germany, the problem appears to be widespread on Twitter.



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