Senate President Ahmed Lawan says the National Assembly will approve the 2022 plan before Christmas.

Lawan made the remarks while receiving a New Telegraph Lifetime Achievement Award in politics on Friday night.

“This is my fourth time in the Senate. In 2019, when we arrived, our colleagues decided to give us a chance to serve them.

“As a member, I have never seen a Senate that is so united, determined, and committed to the great legal and development of our people.

“The Ninth Senate and indeed the Ninth National Assembly have had great success and that does not mean we are no different.

“We have said that the 2022 budget will be approved before it arrives, so the executive will take office next year,” Lawan said.

He said criminals should be punished with the wrath of the law and should not be given special support from any ethnic group.

The President of the Senate urged Nigerians to remain united in the fight against insecurity.

He said: “Crime against anyone is a crime. Ethnicity is a crime. Isn’t that so?

“The country has to fight that man. Criminals should not receive any support from any group, regardless of ethnicity.

“Nigeria faces security challenges, but I feel that all governments are committed to fighting the insecurity we face.

“We have succeeded in some areas; in others, we are still working hard to be successful.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu presented the 2021 Good Governance Award to more than 22 million Nigerians in the region.

“It is a great honor and a privilege to receive this award on behalf of the 22 million Lagosians who will continue to support our government. The Great Lagos Journey is in full swing and will continue.

“I also want them to continue to believe that their hopes are not lost and I want to thank all of you who encourage us to do more,” he said.

Receiving the Player of the Year award from Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Imfiel, he believes the award is a great incentive for him and his team to improve the country.

“I think the improvement for the bank, the country and all Nigerians will be an encouragement to us and the team around us to continue working,” he said.

According to NAN, Emefiele is represented by Kinsgley Obiora, Deputy Governor for Economic Policy.



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