Senate President Senator Ahmed Lawan called on criminals to face the wrath of the law and not to be discriminated against in any way.

He spoke at a televised reception for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Federal Palace Hotels in Lagos on Friday.

Lawan urged all Nigerians to unite as a people and to remain united in the fight against insecurity.

“Crime against anyone is a crime. An ethnic person is a criminal if he commits a crime. Isn’t that so? It doesn’t matter. The country has to fight that person.

“Nigeria faces security challenges, but I feel that all governments are committed to fighting the insecurity we face. We have succeeded in some areas; In others, we are still working hard to be successful. The important thing is to keep our focus, not to divide, and to remain united as a people.

He also said that the Senate is ready to approve the 2022 budget allocation before Christmas and will implement it next year.

Expressing his love for these senators, he said, “As a member, I have never seen a Senate that is so united, determined, and committed to the great legal and development work of our people. This is my fourth term in office in the Senate. When we arrived in 2019, our partners decided to give us a chance to serve us; At this point, we all decided to work together for Nigeria, regardless of our political affiliation.

“The Ninth National Assembly has achieved a lot so far. It does not mean that we do not have a failure. A. The first month of the New Year.

“I would also like to add that this is the Senate and the National Assembly, which have seen the Petroleum Industry Bill, which has been rejected for more than 20 years. This is one of the most important, historic and important pillars of our country. We have enacted another law.

“Our country is facing some challenges. We can’t legislate some of them. As a politician, I believe we will serve the people of our country by supporting each other, by example, at all levels of government.

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