Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard’s late goals from Olivier Watkins and Tyron Mings gave Brighton a 2-0 lead on Saturday.

Gerard left Scottish champions Rangers on international break to lead Dean Smith’s first villa game.

Former Liverpool star Watkins and Mings hit Villa in the final six minutes to give Villa their first win in six Premier League games.

Smith was sacked after five consecutive league defeats, but Gerard was immediately affected as Villa moved four points clear of the relegation zone.

Gerard became the first villa manager to win his first Premier League game since John Gregory in 1998.

Gerrard’s return to the Premier League has been hailed as a stepping stone to a dream come true as the Scottish title race shifted to the relegation zone south of the border.

But Gerard Villa has said he is looking to create a strong Premier League force that could join Europe.

Gerard’s three-and-a-half years at Rangers rebuilt the club and ended Celtic’s nine-year reign.

Now his first choice in the Premier League is to agree to lead the Villa away from the relegation zone.

In his first match schedule, Gerard promised that “the standards will be very high” because he made it clear that avoiding the wording should be the source of more effective seasons in the future.

One of the first decisions he made was to ban Tomato Ketchup from Villa training ground in Cantin, when he tried to improve the players’ fitness and showed no signs of letting Brighton.

Gerard immediately gave the technical area a shout-out to the players, and Villa came close to responding with an early goal.

The Matty Target Cross picks up Matty Cash and hits him in the face, saving him well from Jason Steel.

Brighton got a lot of balls.

Mark Kukurela’s pass fell to the Thursard near Villa and the strike saved him well by Emiliano Martinez.

Villa’s chances were high but England defender Mings came out on a long distance.

At the start of the second half, Ming’s shot went straight into the air.

When the Soli March test sent cash to the field, Gerard appealed in vain.

Brighton comfortably held on until the 83rd minute when Watkins took control of the Brighton area and into the Albion area from close range.

Five minutes later, Mings intercepted Adam Webster’s cross from the edge of the box to extend Gerard’s lead.



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