Ebony Governor Dave Umahi has given the Ministry of Water 48 hours to restore public water supply to Abakaliki and its environs.

This was stated by the Commissioner of Information and Orientation, Mr. Uchena Orji, during a press briefing at the weekly Cabinet meeting held in Abakaliki on Friday.

Orji said he was in charge of other issues, including regular water supply, during the council meeting.

He expressed concern over the supply of stagnant water and vowed to address the issue of formal and effective supply.

“The executives discussed the need for water supply and directed the ministry to address all issues that hinder water supply within 48 hours,” he said.

“You know we have huge water plans in Ofrekepe, Iko Local Government Area, Ukau, Onicha Local Government Areas. The Izilo region water plan is being renewed and we have one in Evo and one in Uburu.

“Water is very important and one of the most important social services that the government has to provide to the people of Ebony. Every effort is being made to provide water to the people of the capital,” Orji said.

According to him, six regional governments are working to improve access to regular water supply in Abakaliki and other parts of the region in the near future.


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