Senate President Ahmed Lawan has ordered a full investigation into allegations of land grabbing and violence against the Ojora Olowa family in Lagos State.

In Lagos, local residents have called on the Senate to stop land grabbing by the Ojor and Olowa families.

The people, under the auspices of Ajromi Efelodu and the Agitted Group, made this statement on August 23, 2021, in a petition signed by Prince Omomi.

He approached the Senate President to take the necessary legal action and directed him to the Ethics, Rights and Public Complaints Committee.

Lawan asked the panel, led by Senator Ayo Akinleure, to submit its report within four weeks.

A ‘Crisis’ seems to be paying close attention to the call to action, with the Ojora / Olowa family and mercenaries looting and looting public property.

Part of the statement said, “We, the oppressed and disgruntled Ajeromi Eflodu group, are campaigning for the democratic rights of the oppressed against police brutality, the right to life, the right to organize and the right to property.

“We urge the Lagos State authorities to take immediate action in the wake of the recent clashes between its residents.

“This growth is related to the illegal behavior of the Ojora / Olowa family and hired thugs to force hundreds of people to leave their homes using illegal terrorist tactics.

“They have resorted to self-help, armed robbers, armed robbers and intimidated victims.

“If they cannot leave their homes, they will use whatever force is needed to demolish and confiscate their hard-earned houses.

“The Ojora / Oluwa families are taking the property described as homeless.

“The houses were built in the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s.

“According to our records, most of the houses being confiscated have legal documents held by tenants and property owners and they are paying all necessary fees, including government and local government fees.

“We find it disrespectful and dangerous for the people of Ojora / Oluwa to go so far as to show their authority by removing the roofs of some houses.”

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