Nigerian music producer Olumide Ogade, better known as Cabasa, has written to the late singer Olanrewaju Fassasi, aka Sound Sultan, about the P-Square brothers.

On Friday, the producer shared an image of Sound Sultan on his Instagram page with the caption: “Hey Lanre, P-Square is back.” (CC)

It was not until five years later that Paul and Peter Okoye, the famous singer-songwriter, first co-hosted the clash that led to the disbandment of P-Square.

Sound Sultan died of throat cancer in July 2021 and during his tax service he asked his brother Dare ‘Baba de’ Okoye to fix his beef in honor of the deceased singer.

Baba de Sound Sultan introduced P-Square to the brothers and asked them to stop dividing.

After the break-up of the Sound Sultan tax event, 2Baba, Black Face and Faz were reunited for the first time since reunion.

With the P-Square Reconciliation ID, Cabasa finds it appropriate to inform the Sound Sultan of the new developments.

P-Square Reconciliation

To the chagrin of their supporters, the brothers did not give a clear reason for the ‘beef’ that led to the disbandment of their group five years ago.

However, a few days ago, Paul’s wife, Anita, shared a video with her twin brothers in the United States while they were shopping.

Shortly thereafter, Peter and Paul returned to each other Instagram.

On Wednesday, years later, they were seen in a viral video as they embraced a feud that led to a split in the P-Square.

The two participants celebrated their 40th birthday together and hosted some of their favorite songs on their birthday.

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