The National Youth Service Corporation has called on its employees to meet ethical standards to strengthen the fight against corruption.

NYSC Director General Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, represented by the Director (Human Resource Management), Hajia Habiba Bapa, warned and encouraged members of the NYSC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Subdivision to Local Bureaus and Regional and FT Secretaries.

According to him, the graduation is a follow-up to the NYSC Anti-Corruption and Transparency Division, which graduated in September 2021.

He said the move is to strengthen the NYSC’s commitment to maintaining integrity, transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Ibrahim said, “We trust that you will increase diligence, fairness and integrity in accordance with the standards set by the Commission.

“You must always know that our main responsibility as an organization is to make Nigerian graduates feel patriotic, ethical and responsible, and to promote national unity and development.”

The NYSC chief executive ordered the ACTU subdivisions to be overseen by the headquarters.

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