Nollywood actress Folke Daramamo talks about her sporting life, her portrayal of Cristiano Ronaldo, the differences between the Nigerian women’s team and their male counterparts, and more in a follow-up interview with Johnny Edward.

What is your attitude towards female soccer players in Nigeria?

They are trying their best but the system in Nigeria is not encouraging.

Are you happy with the difference in how you lead Nigerian male and female soccer players?

I am not happy about all this. There is more to Super Eagles than Super Falcons and this should not be. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Do you think the Falcons should be paid like the Eagles?

Yes, I believe. They must be paid in the same way to a group of men, because they are not entitled to pay because of the nature of their work. Women’s soccer is tight, but if it is not equal to the eagles, I think they should be paid if it is close to what the men’s team gets. The difference is really wide so their enthusiasm for doing more will not diminish. They must be well paid.

Do you allow your daughter to get into football?

If she wants to go to football, I’ll let her follow her wishes. It is her right. My children are not in Nigeria and they are not in the United States, they are involved in sports.

Therefore, I encourage my children to pursue their dreams, no matter what.

Did you participate in sports while growing up?

Yes, I did, and I played table tennis with my deceased brother. Now, thanks to Serena Williams, I go to the lawn tennis. I love what she did in the sport and I hope she wins more titles before she finally quits.

Why did you stop table tennis?

I grew up with my brother at the time of my death and no one was there to help me maintain my sense of humor.

Are you still active in sports?

Now, no, unless I am out of the routine of recreation and exercise. I still try to play table tennis, but not like that.

Who is your favorite footballer between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a fun and well-known family man. The way he treats his home, his wife, his fashion sense, and so on, has led me to choose him over Messi.

Which football club do you support?

My son is an Arsenal fan so I have to directly support the following club. From what I have heard, this season is getting better and better.

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