For the planned 2021 Bach C, Stream II, placement course, graduates who do not have the CV-19 vaccine will not be allowed to enter their offices and orientation camps, the National Youth Service Corporation said Friday.

The NYSC Director, Press and Public Relations, Adenike Adeyemi, said this during a press conference in Abuja.

According to her, from now on, every graduate who wants to join the orientation practice must have a Certificate of Fitness from a government or military hospital stamped by the Medical Association of Nigeria.

According to her, the new policy was to ensure the health of future corps members before enrolling in the national service.

“Note that in a recent announcement by the Presidential Coordinating Committee on CVD-19, members will be required to show proof of the CV-19 vaccine before being allowed to enter office by December 2, 2021,” Adiyemi said. And directional camps. Please note that it is a criminal offense to provide a fraudulent CV-19 certificate.

“In addition, every future corps member must submit a fitness certificate with a government or military hospital affixed to the NMA stamp indicating their health status before enrolling.”

A NYSC spokesman also warned graduates who wish to enroll in a national service should not submit any false documents to Orientation camps.

“He has developed enough machinery to control and prosecute detainees,” she warned.

Adeymi warns that graduates who do not submit to a one-year national service will be required by law in accordance with sub-article 1 (a) and (b) of the NYSC Act.

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