US Secretary of State Anthony Blincon said the Lagos panel report was a “significant step” in the killing of some members of the Nigerian police force.

He spoke at a meeting with civil society organizations in Abuja on Friday. This US Secretary of State concludes his two-day official visit to Nigeria on Friday.

PUNCH Earlier, the panel, led by Justice Doris Okuobi, reported to the Lagos State government that on October 20, 2020, troops had killed at least nine people at the Leki Pay Plaza to disperse EndSARS protesters.

The 309-page report states: “The tragedy of the unarmed, the weak and the disgruntled as they sit on the ground waving the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem can be likened to a massacre in context.”

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who received the report on Monday, set up a committee to bring a white paper to the Lagos State Executive Council for the next two weeks.

Blincon met with Nigerian President Major General Mohammed Buhari (Red) at Aso Rock on Thursday.

Buhari said the federal government is waiting for the conclusion of Lagos State and other regional governments.

Speaking to the CSOs on Friday, Blincon said the report by the Lagos panel was critical and that the United States was looking forward to further action.

He said, “We have seen the Lagos State Independent Judicial Inquiry Team release its final and final report this week. And this is clearly a critical step in the accountability of the killings and other attacks allegedly committed by security forces during the EndSARS protests a year ago.

“Therefore, we look forward to the Federal Government and the Lagos State Government and other state governments taking steps to address the alleged human rights violations as well as the grievances of victims and their families.

“Reports are important, but it depends on the size of the case and whether there is any action to be taken following these reports.”

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