Director General of the National Food and Drug Administration and Control Agency, Professor Mojisola Adeye, said the agency had received several cartons of banned drugs, including 10 cartons of tramadol, at the Lagos Trade Fair Complex.

Adeye, in a brief statement in Lagos on Friday, said more than N3bn worth of counterfeit drugs had also been seized from a warehouse in Chuka Akuwamia.

She said: “NAFDAC Investigation Directorate officers and the Federal Task Force raided two warehouses in the Treadfer Complex in Lagos on counterfeit and counterfeit drugs and unprocessed foods. 225mg) found.

“Also, 1,200 cartons of banned analgesic (2.5g / 5ml), 2,200 cartons of banned codeine in syrup, 500 counterfeit cartridges suspected; Artemeter Injection, 534 cartons and 300 packages of Artesunate Injection, 188 cartons of Hydra and 200 coder (silderzafil crate). ), 198 super artesian needles and another 198 cartons were found.

Drugs that have been frozen and counterfeit in Chuka Aquumia, which are still in custody, cost more than N3bn. More than 20 truckloads of disgusting products have been removed from both locations. The products are stored at temperatures above 40 ° C, which normally removes some of the active ingredients.

Adeyei added that on Wednesday, Mr. Afemefu and Udinese Finnie Pharmaceuticals Ltd. filed a false tramadol in the Federal High Court in Lagos.

“Defendant imported a fake copy of the registered trademark. The investigation also revealed that the counterfeit drugs were imported from China.

The agency noted that some counterfeit and counterfeit products were imported through a group called “Groups”. This is a system where more than two people from different countries of origin load containers of various goods. It is jointly filtered and distributed to the owners of the goods. This system of things helps and supports falsehood.

“The agency understands that controlled, banned and unregistered products are smuggled into the country.

“To tackle the problem of food fraud, the agency is carrying out raids with significant success in extracting unhealthy processed grains, beverages and dairy products,” said NAFDAC DJ.

He added that in a nationwide raid that began in July, 4,578 cartons of various identical and transparent nylon grains containing more than N60m were seized.

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