Minister of Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola Sun said the federal government has received 7,315 applications in the first week of its program.

He was speaking to the Senate Housing Committee on Thursday.

“As of today, 7315 applications have been submitted and the number is still growing,” he said.

He said the ministry has been working and progress has been made in selling the houses to the public. He explained that an online platform has been launched to make the sale of the houses more transparent and to avoid unnecessary interference by some interested parties.

Fasashola said the housing category is different from that offered in the open market. The houses for sale are generous in terms of space, he said, adding that the one-bedroom house is 60 square meters, the two-bedroom 76 square meter and the three-bedroom apartment 110 square meters, which is beyond the scope of other developers.

On the price, Fashola said, “There are 1,2, 3 bedrooms, some in Bangalore and some in apartments. The lowest house is N7.2m and the highest is about N16m.

According to Fashola, the ministry has conducted a survey to find out what kind of housing Nigerians want to live in to avoid the tragedy that has occurred in the past when some houses were in conflict with the needs of the people.

“Our thinking is based on experience and what we think is right,” he said, referring to the launch of an online portal for home buyers. This is the digital age. We believe we can do the same thing if we buy air tickets and book hotels online. However, the process may not be as successful as other human efforts, but the ministry has done what is believed to be better now, he said.

The procurement requirements are listed by the Minister; Passport photographs, tax clearance and transparency, N10,000 application fee with others. He also stated that it is not possible to buy more than one house.

Explaining why the prices of these houses vary from region to region, Fashola noted the differences in geographical location and construction costs, for example, the cost of building houses in Bayelsa is higher than in Osgobo.

Responding to a question on the capacity of the houses, the ministry said, “We have created rent as an alternative not only because of the cost but also because of the payment method.” he said.

Senator Sam Egu, Chairman of the Senate Housing Committee, commended the Minister for his commitment to the provision of housing to Nigerians.

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